About Me

Narcissism at its finest.

Hey, you clicked on the link. If you were expecting to read something other than a rambling, narcissistic page, you'll be disappointed. Really, why else would someone make a bio page on their own website?

I grew up in a middle-class family in the US, and have worked in the IT industry in various capacities since being the Novell admin at my high school in the 90s. Of course, I've done other things too (a combination of retail, foodservice, unemployment for a while after the dot-com crash), but my focus has been technology since I was an elementary-school student learning BASIC on Apple II's.

I've taught myself a dozen or so computer languages, and have achieved mastery in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, C/C++ (specifically client/server apps on 'nix platforms), Pascal (a long time ago, lol) and even a bit of VB (equally as long ago).

Alongside development, and perhaps even moreso, I've mastered numerous aspects of 'nix systems administration and platform-building, including mid- to advanced- network engineering using Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade technologies integrated with unique, creative, open-source solutions including FreeBSD and Linux platforms. I'm also quite skilled with VMware technologies.

I honed my security skills during the heyday of IRC, on which I am still active (though, far less so). During the height of IRC's popularity (2000-2010) I managed several major-network IRC servers (read: frequent DDoS and exploit attempts) and still manage some support infrastructure (though I have long since retired and longer present a public 'face' as an administrator).

Aside from technology, I do have a lot of other interests. I've been playing guitar for more than 30 years, though carpal tunnel syndrome has limited my former speed and technical proficiency ‐ still love the blues, though. I also enjoy cooking (and of course eating), and have recently taken up bodybuilding (though it doesn't show yet, much). I enjoy amateur filmmaking / video editing, especially SFX .... though I'm still learning.

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