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This site is intended as an outlet for my personal experiences, opinions, and media. It is not intended to influence the thoughts, opinions, and/or actions of any visitors. Since my opinions are based on logic, science, and mathematics, you'd be better off agreeing with me — but I can't make you, and refuse to try. You just can't argue with stupid.

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  1. I have no intention of uglifying my site with one of those stupid EU cookie warnings.
  2. Your IP address will be logged. This is standard procedure on all websites, everywhere, ever.
  3. This website places a cookie (a small text file) in your browser's default cookie location. It is only used for the purpose of tracking your session preferences and slot machine credits, and it expires (and is regenerated) in less than a week if you don't visit again. It is NOT used for monitoring visits over extended periods of time, and no data is sold to third parties.
  4. This site implements Google Analytics ('GA') for the purpose of tracking viewer interactions over extended periods. By using this website at all, you agree to whatever Google has for their Terms of Service. My laziness in not providing a link to their terms does not absolve YOU of responsibility to read them.
  5. I won't sell or give away any of your information, to anyone, ever. Barring the unlikely event that my exceptionally secure database is compromised, or that someone physically removes the hard drive from my server in a datacenter with biometric locks and armed dudes, disregarding WAY more valuable info a few cabinets away, your data is more secure on my server than it is pretty much everywhere else. You should be worried about how Facebook and Twitter rake in fat cash by selling your info to advertisers -- because I won't.

Terms of Use & Acceptable Use Policy

This site ('JRLENZ.COM') is a personal website that exists solely by the whim of its owner, for personal gratification and entertainment. Therefore, the following terms, conditions, and definitions of acceptable use are required:

  1. You are a welcome guest; please behave like one in any comments or discussions, should they be implemented.
  2. Attempts to compromise or circumvent any security measures in place on this site (or any other under my control) will result in swift, unfavorably disproportionate retaliation using every possible means at my disposal.
  3. For the purposes of this site's terms, I do not control or moderate the content of any external links (anything not ending in
  4. Any and all media on this site (including any images, audio/video files or streams, or written work) belongs to its respective owners and is protected under Fair Use Law, as this website does not generate revenue, either directly or through advertising/marketing.

DMCA Policy

This site ('JRLENZ.COM') will never intentionally include any copyrighted work without attribution; however, this being the Internet, it is in some cases inevitable. I'm a pretty reasonable guy, and if you are the copyright holder and you contact me directly and engage in reasonable conversation, I'll gladly take your copyrighted work down.

However, should you attempt to come at me via attorneys, lawsuits, form letters, or anything unpleasant, you should be advised that I am a citizen of one country, live in another, and host my website on a global distribution network in multiple other countries and/or jurisdictions. If you treat me like a human being, I will gladly remove your copyrighted work. If you act like a douchebag, I will find a way to keep it online just to spite you.

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