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If you're offended, I'm probably talking about you.

I am not only a liberal, I'm an "anti-conservative." Here's why:

I believe modern American conservatism to be mis-labeled. At its best, it could be labeled "regressivism," and at its worst, "exclusionism." For the sake of understanding, I will explain why in the [n] categories below.

Exclusion by Religion

We all know at least one — the "Conservative Christian." This major voting bloc cherry-picks the Bible to support condemnation of various groups, including women (especially single mothers), the LGBT community, members of other denominations or faiths, atheists, and many other groups. They cling especially to their hateful attitudes toward Muslims, despite the fact that well over a billion people practice Islam happily and peacefully.

These are the same people who believe that their views on matters such as sexual identity and women's reproductive rights should not only be visibly and audibly forced on others, but legislated as well (of course, under the guise of "protecting the family"). The logical position of an anti-choice person, for example, is that of legislating a lifetime of punishment on the mother, as well as the child, for a moment of sexual indiscretion.

Exclusion by Socioeconomic Status

Everyone goes through financial troubles at some point in his/her life (except, of course those who inherit wealth). Nowhere is this more obvious than in states that typically vote "Red" — yet these states are some of the most vocal opponents of social progams to help people get back on their feet.

Typically speaking, for every dollar given to someone who doesn't have enough, more than a dollar is spent — this is the same principle that retailers use when they offer discounts or run sales. The idea is that if you give a someone a discount on one product, your store will experience an overall gain in profit (both by the increase in the volume of customers spending, and the fact that customers will typically buy accessories or other products with their savings). The same principle is applicable in the overall economy. When people who have next to nothing are given assistance, they need to SPEND that money (and probably more) to meet their daily needs — and that money goes straight back into the economy.

Conversely, the tendency to spend (rather than hoard) money is far less for those who are already wealthy. The "trickle-down" theory of giving incentives / tax breaks to the top earners has been shown to do nothing more than widen the socioeconomic gap between the upper and lower classes, at the expense of the ever-dwindling middle class. People who can meet their daily needs will spend a little more over and above that, but multi-millionaires rarely spend in a way that liquidizes their assets and invigorates the economy. Investment in real estate may be secure long-term, but capital gains and appreciation are not realized until the time of sale; this puts the same money "on hold" that would be spent, if it were in the hands of people who needed to spend it.

Exclusion by Culture/Race/Nationality

While the Civil Rights movement of nearly 50 years ago *allegedly* guaranteed equality for all Americans, racism and xenophobia are definitely alive and well among American conservatives. This is evidenced by the number of people supporting Trump as a "legitimate nominee" leading up to the November 2016 Presidential election. Here we have a candidate who married a foreign national, is the son of immigrants, and operates businesses that depend heavily on foreign production claiming he's going to "build a wall" on the Mexican border and deport all Muslims ("hey, it's a religion, not a race") — and people seem to think this is a good idea.

Trump aside, the SCOTUS recently ruled to remove some of the provisions created in the 1960s to ensure minority voters got a fair chance to actually vote — and the states with the worst minority turnouts (with conservative-dominated legislatures) quickly moved to suppress minority votes in the hope they could maintain control of their respective legislatures.


I personally grieve for the human race, simply because people choose to ignore basic decency and respect for their fellow human beings by accepting and endorsing this cult of exclusion. The only logical explanation I can think of is schadenfreude — the fact that people feel secure knowing there are others whose lives they can make worse by voting for these exclusionists.

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