Desert Island FLACs (nobody uses CDs anymore)

2016.Aug.18 7:21:02 PM PHT

Well, since everyone seems to have shared their idea of "Desert Island Discs," I say "who the hell carries a CD player anywhere?"  Much easier to carry an Android device and play FLAC files without that crappy MP3 compression.

1. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd (1973)

My go-to for both relaxation and creativity.  Impossible to detect a flaw, even for the strictest audiophiles.  The ultimate coding music, bar none.

2. Abbey Road - The Beatles (1969)

Engineered by a young Alan Parsons (later immortalized as the lead engineer on the above album), in my opinion it's the Fab Four's finest hour.  

3. Led Zeppelin 4 - Led Zeppelin (1971)

The penultimate Zeppelin album, showcasing their ability to seamlessly cross genres with the amazing fire of their early work and the maturity of their later work all in one album, not to mention Rolling Stone's "Greatest Guitar Solo Ever".

4. Chronic 2001 - Dr. Dre (1999)

After leaving Death Row and founding his own Aftermath label, Dr. Dre staged the mightiest comeback in the history of hip-hop with some of the funkiest grooves ever to touch a disc.

5. Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust - Watershed (1994)

This is how I remember Watershed, seeing them at Ryan's Ballroom in Wisconsin in my youth.  Amazing band from the Midwest; never got the recognition they deserved.

6. Dookie - Green Day (1993)

Prior to selling out like a bunch of little bitches, Green Day took three-chord punk (and in some cases only two) to the masses.

7. Appetite for Destruction - Guns 'n' Roses (1987)

Slash's nasty ass lead guitar and Axl's voice sounding like a guy singing through a broken harmonica, set me straight on my path to junior high.


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